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As you know metatarsal bones are the five, long set of bones right on the top of the foot which extends down from the ankle to the toes. As they are the topmost structure, metatarsal bones are a lot more susceptible to fracturing and breaking than the toes. 

Metatarsal guards in various types of metatarsal boots work in close coordination with safety toes to create optimum protection from above for the feet.

Keep in mind that for several decades, workers in various industries have had to wear effective safety toes on their job. However, it is worth mentioning that these don’t offer any real protection to your metatarsal region in the unfortunate case of compression or substantial impact. 

Irrespective of how safe and secure you feel the work environment or workplace is, metatarsal work boots could save you plenty of pain, expenses as well as time off work.  

What are the Metatarsal Boots? 

You may have heard this phrase if you are, say, an industrial worker. Metatarsal boots are special protective footwear designed to protect and secure your toes and metatarsals. 

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Workers in construction and industrial settings often wear metatarsal boots. These workers are often more vulnerable to top-of-the-foot injuries, like construction and mining workers. 

Although your feet are quite strong, keep in mind that they are also quite sensitive to injury, particularly on the top of your foot. This is because there is very little fat that can protect your fragile metatarsals and tendons. 

This is the reason why metatarsal boots are essential in professions that tend to pose moderate to severe threat to foot safety, like firefighting, construction, and factory work among others.

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Metatarsal boots often comprise of full-grain leather, fiberglass, steel, and rubber that provide a non-slip, safe sole. And that is not all a majority of metatarsal boots also provide protection against electrical injury, and many can easily withstand the extreme or inclement weather. 

Different levels of protection are dependent on the overall quality and durability of a metatarsal boot. At times, manufacturers incorporate waterproof and flame resistant materials in metatarsal boots. 

Most jobs that involve heavy loads, heavy machinery, or dangerous work conditions could require the use of a pair of metatarsal boots for workers.

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Also, in many industries, it is mandatory to wear metatarsal boots for safety precautions. This is mainly because an injury to your metatarsal bones in the feet could result in weeks, months, or, sometimes, even years of recovery. 

To protect your feet the right way is always a smart thing to do.